My Nexus One replacement (free replacement after the first one had the 'stuck forever on the X while booting' problem thankfully within warranty) had the power button issue - ie. cannot get the screen activated as the power button does not function at all. Thanks to Destil and the "Fix Broken Power Button" app I am able to use the phone. However, one in about 15 incoming calls hangs after I have installed this app. I cannot do anything while such a call is ringing and eventually the Phone app shows the 'Force Close' dialog. Any ideas on how I can get around this issue.

I used to work on some mobile software projects for Symbian and I remember one of the non-negotiables being that the application software should *never* disrupt the usage of the phone as a regular phone. This fundamental, cardinal rule is violated time and again by Nexus One.

All in all, the phone isn't as robust as it should be is my conclusion. I hope Google is listening.

- gk