Hello all,

I have had my Nexus One about a week now and it has been going pretty well.

The EDGE Service on AT&T (NYC & NJ) has been fine for my normal usage. Google Maps refreshes a little slow but if you don't know where you are or where you are going a couple of extra seconds waiting to find out is not that bad. I can stream music via Pandora over AT&T EDGE without any problems.

I have a Google Voice account that has been working really well except for a couple of phone numbers I use that contain pauses or special dialing sequences after the phone number to automate voice response systems. For those numbers I have to choose to dial without Google Voice. There are also some automated text message services that don't work through Google Voice and I have to use the normal Messaging app to interact with those.

Before I bought my N1 I had purchased an iPod Touch 32gb since I had a Sony Ericsson dumb phone and a Verizon Mifi I had my bases covered. I had all of the apps from Apple and a phone without the AT&T iPhone contract. Then my SE phone died and I took the plunge.

I am a developer and have written software for my old Windows Mobile Phone (HTC Advantage 7501) and wanted to try my hand at developing on Android which also fueled my decision to purchase the N1.

I had originally purchased the Verizon Mifi to use with my Dell Mini 9 during my commute but when I purchased the iPod Touch I started leaving my netbook at home since I could read my RSS feeds and email from the iPod. Now I am reading my RSS and email on my N1 and play an occasional game on the iPod. I spend about 4 hours a day commuting on trains between NYC and NJ so I have plenty of time to enjoy both devices.

The combination of N1, iPod Touch and Verizon Mifi gives me some pretty powerful mobile capabilities without any bulk.

Enjoy your N1s out there,