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Thread: Hello Fellow users.

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    Hello Fellow users.

    I have never had a touchscreen phone and always dreamed of a computer (with phone functionality) that I can store in my pocket since I was about 11 when I first got my Pentium One machine from my older brother, even before cell phones were popularized.

    I purchased the first audivox windows-based smart phone and it was a nice friend, but the thing was way to slow and limited. When the iphone came out I almost bought it, but then thought that I'll let it evolve a bit and maybe it will come over to t-mobile. But instead of it going to t-mobile, they just kept releasing new versions. Thus, I thought I would skip on the whole apple/att thing since I never fancied their products and services. I was tempted by the G1 but then again it was a bit rough on the edges. Then I almost bought the droid but verizons high monthly prices turned me down. So when the Nexus one came out, with it's snappy dragon in it, that was the match made in heaven for me. My true tech soul mate finally arrived: the freedom of software expandability, the potential and backing of Google itself, and the mere specs of the things are damn impressive.

    I got it the next day in the mail after it's release and have been monitoring it's progress through this site and others. So far I had a love-hate relationship with the device since it crashed on me many times and I had to pull the battery and of course its lack of ability to stay alive after just few hours of use. Yet, I'm damn happy with my Nexus, it has just enough excitement and is very close to my original "dream gadget" idea. So now I keep taking it out of my pocket just about every five minutes to play around with it and see what new apps are out there... oh yea, and sometimes I even use it as a phone!

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    Welcome...I'm sure you will find a lot of useful stuff on this forum, to help get the most from your Nexus!!

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