hey guys, i'm Sam and I am a student, but I work for T-mobile....I'm very addicted to phones...I've had many many phones including:
-Nexus One :nexusx:
-MyTouch 3g (rooted, overclocked, tethering...all the good stuff)
-iPhone 3g:iphone:
-Nokia E90 communicator
-Nokia E71-white (BEST PHONE EVER!!)
-iPhone 2g:iphone:
-Nokia N95 8GB
-Sony Ericsson P990i (worst of all)
-Cingular 8525
-Palm Treo 650
-Black Berry Storm (wasn't worth keeping a week):blackberry:
.....the list goes on, but those were the ones worth mentioning

When i got my Nexus I was contemplating between the N1 and the Nokia N900, but I had played around with the N900 a few weeks before its launch, and I didn't like it for one reason...u can't use it in portrait mode! thats the craziest thing I've ever heard, not being able to use a phone except side ways!!

I love my Nexus so far, but I did notice an issue when covering the bottom...when i'm on EDGE mostly, once i cover the bottom, i get NO SERVICE!! I don't think its a T-Mobile issue, as I've had other Tmo phones and they didn't have that issue.

Next i think i'll pick up the HD2 with my discount...but i dont plan on keeping it for long, so if some1 is dying to have it, let me know...we can work out a deal