So I've had my droid since day 1 and I like the way the nexus looks, but I have a few questions.

1. I'm running droid mod 1.0 and it gives me of going bqck to stock if I ever have problems so I can do a warranty claim. If I root the N1 can I also go back to stock?

2. Can I customize the led on the trackball diffrent colors for diffrent notifications?

3. All the apps that I bought, will the work on the N1? Do I just sign in and they apear in my downloads in the market?

4. Is the camera led as bright as the storm? I use m led flash as a flash light but the droid is not as bright as my old storm.

5. Im OC to 800 and I like the speed, but if I understan correctly I can go to 1200 with the 600mzh proccesor in the droid, so does that mean that I can oc even more on the N1?

6. Is there a droidmod app for the N1? I meqn that thing made it easy to root my droid straight from the phone.

I hope to be one of only the few agents to have an N1 and still have the droid there for a rainy day.