With my WM phone, when I turn it on in the morning, it would immediately retrieve any SMS messages send during the night when the phone was off.

However, with the N1, that's not happening. I turn it on and nothing happens until I get a *new* text message (by "new" I mean one that was sent to me when the phone was on). Once the first new text message is received, then all of the ones from when the phone was off are also retrieved.

So I still get them, just not right away. I ony get them when I get my first new text message - then they all seem to come down in a batch. I hope I'm explaining the situation properly.

Would that be a problem with the N1 or with my carrier? If the later it would be awefully coincidental from a timing perspective. I have "Auto-retrieve" enabled in the stock SMS program but doesn't that only effect MMS and the ones I get in the night are plain text (from emails actually). I have notifications turned off in the stock SMS program and I'm using Handcent SMS for the notifications.

Any advice or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated!