Nexus One fail to detect signals after losing the signal

This is a discussion on Nexus One fail to detect signals after losing the signal within the Nexus One Tech Issues / Bug Reports forums, part of the Nexus One category; Originally Posted by Tonyc402 Actually , the thing is even if i do try turning airplane on and off it doesnt do anything. I have ...

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Thread: Nexus One fail to detect signals after losing the signal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonyc402 View Post
    Actually , the thing is even if i do try turning airplane on and off it doesnt do anything. I have to get it to find "mobile networks" and it reboots itself automatically and then i get signal back . Apparently i read on another forum that if you set "only use 2g network" on and then turn back your 3g that it works. Though I havent tried it yet.
    I have thought about trying that but I haven't yet.

    I have the same issue with having to reboot to get a signal at all. It won't even search for networks, although it acts like it does. Turning on and off airplane does nothing.

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    Mine does the same thing when I run up into the Sierras. I lose coverage northeast of Jackson, then come into a t-mobile coverage area at Kirkwood. The problem is, when I get to Kirkwood the N1 can't find any network and I have to reboot it. Then, when I come back down the mountain, I have to reboot again when I get to Jackson. Huge PIA.

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    I think right now the only solution(without rebooting) is that if you know you're goin to lose signal then put it on airplane mode , then when you leave the area turn it off and it will regain signal. But if you already lost the signal (and its not regaining signal)then this solution wont work. but yeah , pain in the butt.

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    Red face loosing signal

    phew..... i thought i was going crazy !!! i am also having this problem...
    let's see what people are running ? (rom's ) maybe we can find a common
    denominator? i'm on the latest cyanogen...

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    Mine does the same thing. I have the stock firmware that shipped with the phone. I'm in Canada on Bell's fully 3G network (no underlying GSM or EDGE).

    I did the whole *#*#4636#*#* thing and set it to WCDMA only...I'll give that a go and see if it helps.

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    Add another person to the list. My building at work is an abyss and I lose all signal when I'm inside. After the phone has sat at my desk for 8 hours I notice the phone takes about 20 minutes to find a signal on my drive home. That is if I haven't intervened and restarted the phone. So I'm hoping we can get the bugs worked out on this as well. I know it's only requiring me to reboot the phone. But like someone stated before, I paid $560 for this thing.

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    Re: Nexus One fail to detect signals after losing the signal

    I just go to mobile networks under settings and hit search for networks and then press T-Mobile or att and it works

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    I have the same problem and have contacted Google about this. Here's my response from another thread here and also in another forum:

    I just called Google support 10 mins ago about this and they went through normal protocol to reset to factory settings. They then called Tmo and let them know what the issue was while I was still on the phone. Tmo unregistered my phone from the network while my battery was taken out of my phone and then reregistered my phone to the network. Tmo asked me to monitor this for a few days and call them directly (not Google) if the issue persists. They will then elevate this to a higher level because they feel this would be a network problem, and not a hardware issue.

    Hope this helps! Please post what you have tried to solve the problem

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    Have the same problem here. I keep losing signal once a day or once every 3 days.

    I have excellent verified wireless coverage. Same SIM card used on my E71, iPhone 3Gs, & HTC Magic (no problem with these phones).

    I initially thought the SIM card holder was a bit loose, & I will usually lose signal when the phone vibrates during my morning alarm. I will try to put a clear tape on top to make it snug.

    Also trying the *#*#4636#*#* for now to see if it works.


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    Yes, lot of people are reporting this issue, I got the same. Anyway, next time, for the love of God, don't reboot your phone :D Just turn on/off air plain mode and youll get back your signal(service or w/e it's called) in ~30-60 seconds. I use that all the time, because my phone often looses signal after using wi-fi.

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