Ten incredibly irritating Nexus problems

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Thread: Ten incredibly irritating Nexus problems

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    I have had no problems at all. Love my Nexus One and T-Mo. 3G All the time. I dont miss Verizon at all

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    T-mobile here. No I dont have a case.

    For the tunnel sound issue, even a T-mobile rep noted the obvious change in sound when I held it with my shoulder, and plenty of people have commented on the crappy sound quality. Couple nights ago at home my GF repeatedly couldnt understand me on the phone. I got fed up and swapped SIM back to the Nokia 5310 and she said it was a huge difference and could hear me clearly. She even asked what was the sound that sounded like a dryer running .... which was the dryer full of jeans 20ft down the hall outside my closed door...... but Ive always noticed Nokias have incredible microphones anyway....

    So I have been using the MyTouch3G for 2 days now and it gets better signal overall than the Nexus, streams without skips (Pandora did lock up once today though) and holds 3G better. Not once did I see the X in the signal box today, and no calls that never ring or dropped calls.

    I wish I could combine the two phones honestly. Signal of the MT3G and functionality and speed of the Nexus....

    Oh I forgot to mention this is the second Nexus I have had. The first got dust under the screen so I sent it in, but I was having some of the same issues with the first one. I'm not sure if since then I have just noticed more problems, of if this particular handset actually has more problems than the first....

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    Additional information: I live in West Palm Beach, FL, and work in Delray Beach.

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    Don't have as much problem as you are reporting. The failure to register the screen touch is one that I am having, and it can be quite annoying when you are repeatedly tapping the screen with no effect. Find that i have to hold the phone at a 70 degree angle to reset something before it will register.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanDean41 View Post
    OK, I really like the functionality of this phone and coming from a simple Nokia, I can never turn back from some sort of Android or other smartphone now....

    But I must say that I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the numerous problems with this phone. It really feels like this thing is a beta model realeased on us for development of future products

    1. 3G/EDGE switching, annoying as hell

    2. Generally crappy signal and sound--- I get 4 bars with my $50 Nokia in places where this phone only gets 2. Recently tried a MyTouch3G and it is also much better in the signal dept and my Nokia has great sound.

    Apparently the microphone isnt great either. Every time I swap to the Nokia, people comment how much better they can hear me. Additionally if I hold the phone with my shoulder at home or at the office people say it sounds like I am "in a tunnel." I can achieve this same effect by holding my hand over the back of the phone while talking. The antenna is so crappy that my shoulder or hand makes the phones signal turn to garbage?? I have had to learn to always just lightly hold the phone my the lower edges and my index finger on the back. REALLY ANNOYING.

    3. Force closing of apps--- Many apps run slowly and at least a few times a day I have to force close something. Usually Pandora, or a calorie-counter app I have. Also a streaming radio app I have locks up frequently.

    4. Failure to re-establish data connection--- It seems like very often when a data signal drops, the phone is unable to re-establish the connection and I usually have to close/re-open the app. Especially streaming music, Youtube app and the browser. It will just hang and hang even though I can clearly see a decent signal on the screen.

    5. Odd screen issues--- The phone often turns off the screen just seconds after I wake it up before I even have a chance to unlock it and then touching the power button will not wake it up again, I usually have to touch the power button twice or more to wake it up again.

    Also the touchscreen occasionally doesnt register at all or registers in the wrong place. Seems to reset after a few minutes....

    6. Drops calls--- Way to many of them, At least 3 times a day it will not even make a damn call, it just sits there and hangs, and then gives me a beep, and when I look at the screen it is on the lock screen. Today I had to call someone back 3 times to make the fu<king call go through, after it dropped the call. Showing 3bars of 3g the whole time.

    7.Missed calls--- I often get a voicemail only to notice that I havent missed a the call, just the phone apparently didnt have signal moments before. And I have picked up the phone from my desk at home and work man times to see zero bars and a small X on teh left of the signal indicator.

    8. Frequent unsent SMS messages--- Far too often I am left wondering if someone got my text because I get many messages that say message was unable to send. Yet sometimes people receive the text message even though my phone shows it as unsent.....

    9. Voice recognition--- Well its great in a silent room, anything else and it is more frustration and comedy than useful.

    10. Price--- For all of the above issues, plus a few that have slipped my mind, I find it incredibly difficult to feel good about paying $279 plus a new 2yr contract plus an 'upgrade fee'... Upgrade??? As far as working nicely as a PHONE, this thing is a definite DOWNGRADE

    Personally I think the majority of these problems are the result of a really bad antenna design, but would like to hear how many other people are having these problems and if only some, of all of them??

    Hoping for a replacement phone with better hardware soon,

    Wow I don't have these issues, but I'm in the Middle of a Excellent 3G area. And the App problem, may be related to those specific Apps....I have had the App Force close problem, but never with my Pandora.

    As far as call quality I think its one of the clearest sounding phones I've ever used, the noise cancellation function is great.

    I think you have a rather faulty phone and should ask for a replacement if possible. I understand the frustration with the amount of money you paid, you deserve to have a phone that works as advertised.

    Good Luck but I don't regret for one bit buying the Nexus One, It is the Best phones I've ever owned

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    In my own home I have no signal in many areas.....very annoying. I suffer many of the same maladies as the OP that I thought I was done with by switching from a Nextel BB but believe it or not my experience with this phone has not been much better. For $92/month for service with all taxes and fees, I expect more.

    My friends who have sampled my phone all seem to comment "it ain't no iphone".

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    Quote Originally Posted by pewtavert View Post
    My friends who have sampled my phone all seem to comment "it ain't no iphone".
    Yep, it's better!

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    Re: Ten incredibly irritating Nexus problems

    I think you might have a bad device. I am not experiencing any of the issues you mentioned. The only thing I can see is the slight mis-calibration of the soft keys. Besides that, the screen responsiveness is great and the 3G signal is on par with other smartphones I owned (although I must admit my BlackBerry Bold 9000 had a stronger 3G signal).

    Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk

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