Connection Problem when holding the phone!

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Thread: Connection Problem when holding the phone!

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    Connection Problem when holding the phone!

    I got my Nexus one on 8th of April 2010, I am having problem holding the phone in low signal area. I live in excellent Tmobile 3G coverage area, Washington DC Metro area, I do not have any problem with Nexus-One out door in 3G coverage area. But inside my room, which is in first floor of 2 stories building, I only got Edge about 2 to 4 bars.
    The problem is the way I held the phone inside my room, and my office. When I held the phone in the natural way by covering the base lower component of the phone, I lost my connection. Inside my room and office, I need to held it from the top of the phone making sure that my palm won't cover the lower end of the phone. I find that unnatural way of placing the call.
    I would have contacted Google and HTC right away but my problem is limited to the edge network only. When I get out of my house or get out of my work's building; 3g is as strong as full bar and I can held it however I wanted. My hand don't interfere at all.
    I like to ask an advice from veteran users, Shall I get contract Google or HTC and ask for new phone or was it normal with T-mobile network?
    Thanks you

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    Not in US so I don't know about your signal but I do know that the Nexus has its antenna at the bottom and holding there can effect signal strength. The iPhone is the same and this is a known problem in low signal areas.

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    Getting a replacement phone is not gonna change your signal fluctuation. I have mine for about two months now and I updated to the latest radio and only a slight improvement as far as signal inside my house. It still goes to 3g then E. But if I'm out and about around the city, 3g is pretty solid except for areas where 3g is spotty and is to be expected. If you get it replaced, who knows whose phone you're getting it from; could be from another user complaining about other issue, and HTC or whoever check them out, only to send it back out to the field because they couldn't find any defect. And you paid full price(brand new) and get a refurbish phone in return? Lol I'd be pist! I'd say for the most part, it's the antenna at the buttom of the phone and a combination of tmo's sucky network coverage that made it problematic.

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    BlackStar & DaveC

    Thank you for explaining this to me. I do not understand how radio frequency work, and I have no experience with 3G; I have been on Verizon edge network for a long time to know any anything about 3G or GSM.
    I didn't know that 3G/Edge would act this way in low frequency coverage. You (BlackStar) are absolutely right about exchanging the phone. I can't find any fault with this phone other than losing signal in my hand (only in certain place), but that's only limited to the lower back of the phone. I tested gps, wifi, touch screen, google voice, and numbers apps and games, this phone work perfectly as it said it would. I only got annoy because when I play around with it in my Room/ Office, I am not getting decent signal. But I got full wifi bar in there so I think it should be OK.
    But one thing I noticed about this is that the phone edge' signal is fine as long as I put it down or hold it without directly covering it with my palm. I can cover it with the OEM pouch, I mean by putting the phone on the pouch and not inside it. And I can hold it naturally and talk or surf Internet. As soon as I held it without the pouch, I need to hold it from the top without covering the phone base.
    I have ordered some phone case and I will post it again after I put on the case and see if this will improve.
    thank you all.

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