My wife and I bought two Nexus Ones back in February on T-Mobile month-to-month. Our apartment is located in north Chicago near Evanston. It's a three story old brick "u" style building and we're on the outer prong of the u. So we face the street and have windows on three of our four sides.

We've had fantastic coverage in the apartment, full bars and 3G constantly, up until last Thursday (April 15). Suddenly our phones would show no service (bars were gone with the "x", "no-service" label showed up, no 3G/E/G). If I tried to make a call it would be silent and then beep and hang up. Sometimes the bars would come back and service would be shown as T-Mobile. When this occurred 3G/E/G still did not show up and phone calls would not work. I checked the mobile network providers and both T-Mobile and AT&T show up. If I connect to T-Mobile, it says "registered". If I try AT&T, it says my SIM card is not valid for AT&T (makes sense). I've tried soft resets and it doesn't help. Once we leave our apartment the voice and data work fine without a restart...

My first thought was that T-Mobile shut off a tower, but that doesn't make sense if reception is fine outside the apartment. It's not a hardware issue because both of our phones are experiencing the problem. The issues started at the same time for both phones. The only thing I can think is that someone in the apartment has installed some electronic device that is interfering.... Although, that would not explain why when the phone does show full bars and service it still does not connect...

Any ideas? =/

* Update

Ok I checked to confirm whether service worked outside the apartment. It actually doesn't work outside the apartment, I was wrong... I got the exclamation mark and "selected network (t-mobile) unavailable" message, and an X on the bars. No calls... Then it switched to "T-Mobile" with full bars, still couldn't call. I know for sure though that I get perfect service further away from the apt. So - perhaps it's just a tower issue after all.

I'll contact T-Mobile. Any suggestions on who to talk to? Things to say? Main customer support number?

* Update 2

Spoke to T-Mobile via chat. They felt it was likely a tower issue although the tower in our area didn't register any problems. They're sending an engineer out and suggest I check by in 24-72 hours.