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^^^ did you have to pay for the new sim card?... Since the N1 doesnt come with one, I'm using my previous one (I'm sure its the older version)...

I called T-Mobile to inquire about getting a new one, they want $20... you'd think after spending almost $600 for the phone and the thousands I've spent with TM over the years, they could float me a damn SIM card
A sim card should be free. I have gotten mine replaces free a few times. Just had to go to a t-mobile store.
I agree... and I too have had them free in the past - the CS rep over the phone told me its 19.99 + shipping if ordered by phone, but also 19.99 in store... I'll go to store and see if they give me one ~

I dont really need one, I'm only considering it based on miss.eko's post:
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there are two different types on sim cards out.. for tmobile at least. there are some that end in a 20 and the new ones that end in a 30..

i got mine replaced with a new sim and i have better signal and dont loose 3G in places where i used to. good luck!