Hi all. I have been having problems sending MMS messages and also the GPS symbol keeps disapearing and when it is there it won't connect on google maps. I have been using APN settings copied from JMF ( a member ) posted on here and you end up with two access point names, one called mobile web with a button next to it and one called O2 mms with no button next to it. I have found that the only one that you need is the O2 mms one and you need to edit it, touch the O2 mms name and scroll down to the APN type and delete mms so it says not set. Save it in the menu and now you will have a button next to it, touch it and it will turn green this is the only APN that you will need. My MMS messages work fine and now my GPS and Navigation work, the Google navigation is excellent and it connects to the internet just fine. Good luck John