So i think I found the solution to the wireless issue i've had since getting the phone 2 weeks ago. The network connection was freezing up on me several times a day, the only solution was to unplug the power cord on the router everytime to get the connection to reset.

The simple solution I tried that has kept a solid connection for 2 days now was to go into the router, set it to wireless G only, and choose channel 1.

I haven't tested to see if its the channel or wireless G mode that did the trick. either way i'm happy its working.

the funny thing is I called google and they did mention that there's been problems with wireless N routers and their suggestion was to try another router that's not an "n" version or to send the phone back, no mention of just setting the router to G instead.

Just for reference the router is a dlink DIR-615. I'm using WPA2 security mode, latest firmware installed, everything else set to default mode.

hope this might help someone else!