Loving the N1, sold both my BB's on Craigslist in 24hrs.

GCal and GMail are working great. But, I have had one problem that my carrier CBW was of no help with and Google phone support solved by having me completely power off/on phone. Should have thought of that having had BB's for the last 6 years. Problem was GMail going straight to All Mail and not to the Inbox. However, after 2 days I had to reset again. This time I did a battery pull. Will see. Only internet info has to do with Web GMail settings. But, none of them have been changed. So, not sure what the problem is. When the GMail goes to All Mail, I get no notifications on phone.

Only other option given me by Google was to reset phone to factory settings and reloading Google account and all apps etc. Anyone have this problem?

BTW, I did research and try some google suggestions, no luck.