Hi all,

Ok so the problems are these:-

1. If I add a new contact on the phone, after a few seconds or minutes it looses the change and reverts to the state it was before I started. Annoying to say the least! I uploaded contacts to Google Contacts before I changed phones, and if I alter anything in that it is reflected on the phone! If I add a number to an existing contact on the phone, then it is kept on the phone BUT NOT updated on the Google Contacts page???

2. Live and work in a poor signal area. Sometimes get 3G mostly 2G. Voice calls drop out if im indoors. Phone shows 3-4 bars signal and then when I go to make a call it disappears! Also in the last week, the phone just doesnt get back on to the network. It seems that if it is out of signal for a period, it just doesnt bother looking again. Turn off/on again and it hooks straight in to the signal again. no way of getting it to look for a signal without turn off/on????

3. Photos didnt appear in the gallery! took 60-70 photos. All came through to the gallery and are visible as thumbnails. Took some more yesterday. These are not visible as thumbnails. Can see them if I go to Camera and click on the small thumbnail on the camera screen (top right) and then navigate using the < and > arrows on the screen. So they are there, just not being recognised! Also the 'Contents' folder (with 1 video already loaded when the phone came to me new) was not visible at this stage.
Then it progressed to a point that gave NO thumbnails visible. Turn off and back on and ALL photos and the 1 video are back in the gallery????:confused:

4. The touch screen is unresponsive. Particularly when trying to reply to a text message, the 'Type to compose' box is sometimes very difficult to activate. Lots of touching, stroking, cursing and eventually it activates the reply box.
Also, in general use, the touch screen often activates a button distant from the touched point!! Touching the clock icon in the apps screen might activate market or messaging!

Just recently got this seemingly fab phone. Had it about a month as a replacement for a Nokia N97 mini that I was having major problems with. Vodafone UK kindly provided this alternative device. I thought I was sorted, now very disappointed to find a number of bugs coming through!

Anyone have any idea what is going on here?
Will any of these issues be sorted by Froyo if it ever comes out in the UK?
Any idea of when that might be?
Can I do any setting/deleting/code... to get these things sorted out?

Thanks for your help