Hi all,

Hope you are well?

I have used the standard Email app on the Nexus One for work email and I have been loving it. Very easy to use and lets me keep up to date with everything.

My only issue is that I notice the Email app loses all the account settings if I don't use it for a couple days (i.e over the weekend). I have killed the app a couple times (not using an app killer, but going into running services and ending it to save data) but I'm not sure if that would affect account settings?

Does anyone know anything about this?

Secondly regarding the "push" email function (I am using an Exchange account), does this use up a lot of data?

I am in New Zealand on Vodafone so our data plans are both costly and small so I would like to minimize how much I use.

Do push notifications check the server constantly, thus using a lot of data? Or does the phone only pull data when the server receives an email?

A lot of questions I know...