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Or they noticed it but it was deemed non critical and shelved for a future release. If you try to fix every known bug before releasing, you'll never release.
That's only if they're dealing with a software bug and not a hardware defect like what we're experiencing now. Don't get me wrong, I love my Nexus One, the soft buttons is just my only complaint. Every time I give my Nexus One to someone to use it and try out, I watch him struggle when using the soft buttons. I have to hit the right spot for him and explain the issue everytime.

I am fine with experiencing software bugs as I know a simple update can fix it. But this is different. The hardware is the issue. No OTA software update can fix that.

I am sorry, but this is an embarrassing engineering issue from either HTC or Google's side. I still can't believe how an obvious hardware defect like this slipped through.

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