Hi guys,

Just got off the phone with HTC. I'm on my 3rd Nexus One since April, I asked HTC what the deal was and they told me that the power buttons in phones as recent as April of this year have a hardware flaw in them which causes the power buttons to quit working.

I've swapped my phone out and all the phones I get are worse off then my original. It takes 15-20 button presses to even get the lockscreen. They said they were sending me refurbished ones. I asked if they were refurbs then why are they broken. They told me that if someone orders an n1 and sends it back unopened they go in the pool to be sent out as refurbs.

Anyway, I know the presses register to some extent because the screen will flicker and the home row of soft buttons lights up.

I'm sending my phone in to be repaired. Hopefully they get it right this time.