I had problems twice, as a lot of you helped me thru

I do NOT think it is problems like the iPhone 4 had, I just think I had flukes or lemons, that is all and I swear by it, by the amount I liked them AND how much success it has had since January

Nonetheless, each time it happens, I fret over new phones
The last time the Samsung was not mentioned

Samsung Vibrant VS. Nexus One
(It has no flash, correct? If so, deal breaker How about the Dell or Acer, I hear they are pretty much Teir One. Can they be had Now)

IF I would get another phone, I am not offering here, but do people buy stuff off this forum
3 case mate TOUGH cases, black, green and blue
1 saphire Seidio Innocase II (NICE)
1 Innodock Jr
1 Blue Ultra-Case
1 Extended Battery
1 Extra wall/or usb charger for the extra battery

I guess they would be marketable? I will go look now for what section. They are all a month or less old
Again, only if I got a different phone

I keep posing : phones vs the Nexus
I Should simply say, what phone plain and simply is better than the N1 if any (attempt to get the best) that can be had on Tmo, supported on Tmo, and 3g on Tmoo

(btw, again, you all are so supportive, each time I had something happen, anxst kicks in and I ask this question and you all have been patient. Again, thanks for that. Don't feel obligated to change and say other than the N1, rotflmao, look at those accessories LOL