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I just got this problem for the first time a couple of days ago and was down to under 5MB of space of internal memory!!

This caused sms to be rejected and even though I deleted hundreds of sms new ones still got rejected. I also tried to uninstall quite many apps in order to clear up, but all to no help..

Finally I noticed that Dolphin Browser HD had 88mb of data above the app size!!! What is that all about?? I deleted the data and now the phone works as it should again.

Does anyone know how can I see what the internal memory is used for?
Settings> Applications>Manage Applications> Sort by Size

App2SD by Sam Lu is a good app to anayse detail of internal memory

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This is one of the biggest issue I have with the N1. 512mb of internal storage are you kidding me? Yeh in a perfect world all apps would be able to be moved to SD card but that isn't happening. I use a program called DiskUsage to keep track of my apps on the SD card and internally.

One issue I have had is with the stock browser where if a page has lots of stuff to load it will eat up all my free space and give me the low space error. I have to close that page and try it again and hope it doesn't have issue...actually seems to happen all the time on the pocketnow.com site unless I load the mobile version.
Yeah it sucks

We have only 196MB of USABLE internal memory> rest is taken up by the OS for it's own use

I've found some alternatives that i use from here > http://www.nexusoneforum.net/forum/n...html#post79328

Hope this helps