In the past few weeks I have noticed a significant drop off in wifi speed. I'm using the Speedtest app to perform the measurement.

I've tried uninstalling 3rd party apps that track data usage. Also, uninstalled speedtest and downloaded the FCC speedtest app.

This app (like the old one) still only reports around 4Mbps/1.3Mbps down/up.

Running the same Speedtest from a laptop connected to the same wifi network reports down/up speeds of 13/1.4 Mbps

Any had a similar experience and any thoughts or suggestions on what could be affecting wifi speed.

BTW: In SpeedTest app, I'm selecting the same server to test against. Also, I just noticed my router show that the NexusOne is connected as Wireless N.

Client Name Interface IP Address MAC Address Expires Time
android_XXXXX Wireless-N 00:XX:XX:XX:XX 23:56:13

Thank you.
Nexus One/stock 2.2/non-rooted