Had my Nexus one for about 3 weeks now, pretty happy with it, but a few little problems that are getting a little annoying, which I wonder if anyone has a fix for!

The first, and most annoying, is that the phone seems to lose access to the SIM card. Twice now I've had the phone next to be, either on the arm of the sofa, or on the coffee table, and peopl ehave phoned me on my home land line, saying they can't get through to my mobile number. When I look at the phone, it's requesting the SIM pin number. As soon as I enter this, it works again. It doesn't look like the phone has rebooted, as the browser has pages open which I had been viewing before, and other apps are open.

The second is to do with plain txt messages. Firstly. I had an error receiving a txt message, saying I couldn't receive it because I had to many in my inbox, so I had to delete all the threads, even after fdoing this it wouldn't receive the txt message until I rebooted the phone. However, I don't believe I did have that many, it would only have been 50 at the very most, as I'm not a huge txt addict! And I used to be able to go months on my old Nokia 5800 without having to clear the inbox, which could hold a couple of hundred txts. How can I increase the total number of txt allowed in my inbox? I have 50mb free on the phone memory, and 7GB free on the SD card.

Lastly, while sending plain txt messages, it can sometimes take forever to send even the most simple of txt message, even just one that says 'OK, I'll pick you up in 5 minutes' can sometimes display the 'sending' message for several minutes, and sometimes the txt message never actually sends, and you have to delete it, and send the message again. Usually the second time around the message sends!

Anyone know how to fix any/all of the above problems?



P.S. On Vodafone UK, running Android Froyo 2.2