Network: T-mobile
Purchase month: July

When in default setting(3G) , no connectivity; cannot make or receive calls. N1 does not even try to connect to Edge. When switched to 2G exclusively, phone works fine!

I am using this at home where I always have good 3G coverage (I've obviously been using the phone for a few months with no problems). To confirm that 3G is fine, I checked my wife's phone (non-smart phone) and its just perfect with 3G. Moving to another location (suburb) confirmed issue is not with 3G coverage.

Resolution attempts:
I did 3 (!!) factory resets but to no avail. I called N1 tech support and they were stumped too :/ I have been recommended to call repairs. One other thing to note is that after my 1st factory reset, 3G actually worked for an hour or so, before going back to its no-3G zombie state. Consequent factory resets did not have any positive effect. Phone remains non-functional (in 3G)

Has anyone else faced this issue?