Nexus One Trackball Fault

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Thread: Nexus One Trackball Fault

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    Nexus One Trackball Fault

    I've returned my Nexus One to HTC for repair as the trackball no longer registers up. Not the worst fault in the world but I figured I may as well get it fixed whilst under warranty. Hmmm, you wouldn't think that to be too problematic right?

    Well the good folk at HTC UK have told me that the trackball isn't covered under the warranty as its a part that's used a lot by the user so they put it down to 'normal wear & tear'! I can't believe that!! That means that anything that goes wrong with any part of the phone can be put down to 'wear & tear'... the volume rocker, the power button, the touch buttons, if the screen no longer registers a touch!!!! The chap (Martin) said it's in their terms and conditions. They're making some great phones but if they can't cover them under warranty then I may have to cease using HTC products.


    Any body agree with his protocol?

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    I had a problem with my trackball not registering when I moved it to the right,I had this problem for about a week but seemed to be fixed after I threw it at my mate during office dodgeball haha

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    I would try calling again and talk to another rep. Maybe you'll get another story about a hardware replacement. Try to explain the problem in a different manner, highlighting the hardware problem as a build quality issue and not user wear and tear.

    If that doesn't work, the old blackberry method for cleaning the trackball is turn the device over on a sheet of paper on a flat table and roll it in all directions for 5 minutes to clean dust and debris. Hope that helps.

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