Hi Guys,
Hope you can help with this. When I restart my phone, both my selections for ringtone and notification alert have been deselected i.e. the drop down lists for both ringtone and notification show no tones selected. (When testing the ringtone and the notification by calling phone, I discover a random mp3 music track has been allocated, but still does not show on the list of ringtones.)

I then allocate my desired tones for both ringtone and notification, and then restart the phone to unfortunately see both tones deselected again. This happens when I allocate both stock and mp3 tones, but does not affect sms alerts (I'm using Handcent SMS). This issue started when I installed Ringo Lite (long since uninstalled).

I assume the device is having trouble ID'ing mp3/tones. I've tried formatting the SD card and also installing Meridian Media Player which I believe forces a media rescan, to no avail.

Any help would be much appreciated! This is driving me mad!


Android 2.2.1