I use the stock messaging app.

Hi guys, a couple of my friends have iphones. When they send a group text, all messages are kept in one sms/conversation thread (making it look like they're in a chat room). If one person responds, it will be sent to all the numbers included in the original group text (all the recipient's numbers are also visible to all).

Being the only one with an android phone, I still get the replies as individual conversation. But I can live with that. When we first started group texting, when I send my reply, my SMS is sent multiple times (depending on the number of people that are included in the group text). This can be annoying, and they also complained that they do not get my messages on the group text thread but on my actual name. So I played around with my sister's iPhone and found out that when they send a group text, it gets converted to a MMS (even if they only send regular text and no attachments). So I tried sending a group text, and convert it to a MMS (simply by adding a subject line) and now they see my reply on the group thread, and I don't have to see my text being sent repeatedly each time!

My problem now is, since my friends' texts are MMS (even though its just plain text) the message has to be downloaded each time.... I receive their messages 90% of the time, but the other 10%, I get this message "Hidden Sender Address" and there's no message.. I know one of them had sent a reply, because their name remains bold (as if there's a new message) but I could not retrieve the messages. Anyone else have this problem? I tried using handcent and chompsms, but I don't think I prefer them over the stock.