Very irritating messaging/contacts problem

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Thread: Very irritating messaging/contacts problem

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    Very irritating messaging/contacts problem

    So my phone is mostly used for texting and the occasional phone call, but primarily texting. Since I have had the phone I have had this issue...

    The messaging app gets slower and slower to load up as the day progresses (it refreshes every time I open it. Is that supposed to happen?). Eventually I open the messaging app and the contact name disappears! It is just the 10 digit phone number instead of the contacts name.

    For example, if I have a contact named Alex Johnson and his number is 555-555-5555... When the messaging app works fine it shows "Alex Johnson" but as soon as it starts getting slower and slower it eventually just shows "555-555-5555."

    At this point I try and open the contacts app and its just a black screen. I exit and try and open again. Force closes and then I open again and yay my contacts show up. I open the messaging app and yay the contacts are showing up and its as speedy as can be.

    Why does this keep happening? I mean clearly it is a problem with the messaging app or contacts or both?

    I am running stock Froyo 2.2.1 FRG83D and never been rooted and this is the stock messaging app.... But it has been doing this since I can remember. The only way I have found a remedy is to download a task killer and just occasionally kill the messaging/contacts app throughout the day. But that is such a nuisance and seems unneccessary. To ensure the task killer I previously had downloaded is not affecting anything now even after uninstalling I have wiped my phone back to stock and yep still having the issue.

    Help please! Sigh... I might have to go back to the iPhone if this doesn't get resolved.

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    Well since factory reset did not help I can only think of two things one download a third party messaging app like handsent two is to root and install a custom ROM but this is not even a guaranty other than that all you could do is send it to htc and get a replacement.

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