I got a wierd notification sound so I got my phone out of my pocket to check it, and it was the phone storage low, text message rejected notification. I knew I had 80-something megabytes of storage so I checked it, and it only showed 40kb. I was also getting a force close on the messaging app. I restarted the phone and got like 10 force closes, one for the launcher, calendar, ect.

So I uninstalled the latest app I downloaded, PhoneUsage, and it seems to have solved the problem but I have no idea how it would have been related.

Has anyone else had this problem? Perhaps this is a known issue (if so I can't find anything on it).

I just want to know what I can do to stop it because I really can't be missing text messages. I deleted a bunch of apps to free up space specifically so I wouldn't lose any texts because before I was getting the stupid phone memory low message at like 30mb left.

I just did a hard reset because I was having some random phone resets and whenever I answer a call sometimes the caller couldn't hear me for a few seconds (and one time it went for about 10 seconds!). It solved the resets but not the call delay, it still happens every now and again.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.