Google Maps ate away 40mb my internal memory!

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Thread: Google Maps ate away 40mb my internal memory!

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    Google Maps ate away 40mb my internal memory!

    I have an AT&T Nexus One with 2.2 Froyo, and like most of us. I take extreme advantage of the app 2 sd function when I can (and have the App 2 SD) app as well.

    However, despite all that, my phone is always around 23MB of internal memory (always at the edge of the "Low on Space" error).

    Well today, I had to use Google Maps and the Navigation function. I was driving from GA to TN. 3/4 of the way to my destination, my map's graphics go away, but the navigation still shows movement and the HUD (don't know a better word for it) still shows everything like approximate time/miles and where to turn.

    So I pull over and see that my internal memory was at 0.0MB. I don't have time to figure out what is wrong, so I uninstall Swype and a few other large apps and free up 36MB. Well this works as far as reaching my destination and then I make it back home and notice I have another "low on space" error. I check and I have 4MB of internal memory left.

    I sorted my apps by size and showed that Google Maps had the most at 9MB (with 1.5MB being cached). I cleared the cache in case it could delete all the cached maps that must be stored internally or something. But it only removes 1.5MB. Stumped, I uninstalled Google Maps update and it only removed the 4MB worth of updates. My next largest app is Facebook with 6MB, so that is not the problem.

    Sidenote: I remember my girlfriend had a problem with her N1 with internal memory one time, and it was that her browser had grown to like 15MB from use. I also remember that when I cleared the cache from the "Manage Apps" screen, that this didn't resolve the issue as the 15MB back then were from local databases and not the cache. I had to go into the browser and manually select to clear the cache (which also includes local databases) which actually did shrink her browser back down to around 4MB at the time. /End Sidenote

    So, using this logic I checked my phone's browser and it was only 5MB. But I was desperate so I cleared the cache in both the "manage apps" section and within the browser it self. Still nothing.

    So I uninstalled a few more random apps and have cleared my internal memory back up to 11MB, which still gives me the lowspace error and so it won't download what it considers to be option data in any app.

    Basically, I have lost nearly 40MB in internal memory and I see no way to recover this. I am not rooted, but I notice their are cleaner apps designed only for rooted users. Is rooting my only option? Is my internal memory problem, related to Rubin suggesting something about Google Maps having offline utility? (Although I see no option to enable/disable this).

    If the Nexus S ever comes in a 3G AT&T flavor, I'll gladly switch, but for now. I need help. Any ideas?

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    I would root than run Dark Tremor app2sd script and move the dalvik cache to SD.
    That in itself will clear a lot of internal space for you.
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    Or titanium backup move to sd. It allows you to move everything. Although widget Apps don't like it.
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