I've had a Nexus One for about eight months or so. Last week my phone lost its mind. My ring-tones all changed, and some icons moved around. I also had to re-configure my email app.

Today, it was a little different. When I went to use my phone the first time, Android took me through a new set-up. When that was done, all of the apps on my home screen were gone. Thankfully, they were all on the app screen, and I was able to move them back where they were. Also, my ring-tone preferences still seemed to be in place this time, and my email was working. One Gmail preference on notifications was set differently. It was notifying in the status bar, which I had off before that.

I was thinking it might be related to an update to the OS. I see I'm on 2.2.1, which I think is relatively new. Has anyone else had this happen to their phone? I do see some posts on other forums about losing ring-tones recently.