I recently installed CyanogenMod 6.1.1 onto my N1, and since then the time/date settings have gone all screwy. Whenever I remove/reinstall the battery, or unplug the phone from the charger, the year goes to 1980 and the hour setting goes to 14 hours ahead. I've done several wipes and re-installs of Cynogen since this all started to happen.

At the time of installing 6.1.1, I also installed the latest radio (or which I assume is the latest radio - from the downloads at the Cyanogen website. When I was flashing it, the notification came "cannot read radio image. Installation aborted" (or something to that effect). However, the phone does register, in the "about phone" section, that is installed. Not sure if this perhaps has something to do with the problems I've encountered on the date or not...

Any advice as to remedy?