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Thread: Stuck in Safe Mode on N1

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    Exclamation Stuck in Safe Mode on N1

    There is another thread named "Stuck in Safe Mode" but I decided not to hijack that one. I dropped my phone into a fountain (Don't ask-->painful memory). I did the hair dryer thing and the bag of rice thing to dry it out. My phone is dry but now it boots only into Safe Mode. I've googled everything and apparently the world says, "Send it back to HTC". There are a couple of reasons why that isn't feasible for me.
    1. I'm not in the US at the moment and won't be back home for a few months
    2. It's now water damaged.

    Does anyone know how to get out of safe mode? Google doesn't even document safe mode.

    When you're in safe mode, you can't do anything. You can add an account to check your email and calendar but your sim card won't work. Only wifi mode works. You can't install any new programs (they say they are installed but won't appear on the menu and can't be run).

    If I reboot the phone it ends up at the bootloader and I can't use the volume keys to move around and the power button doesn't work. The trackball doesn't work in recovery mode either.
    I was able to get it into my clockworkmod recovery mode once and tried a restore from a backup but it didn't work. I haven't been able to get it into clockworkmod recovery since then.

    I'm on CM7 nightlies build#37 with my N1. Any help would be appreciated. I've tried the following:
    1. Pressing trackball while booting
    2. Vol up while booting.
    3. Vol down while booting
    4. Nandroid restore (can't repeat because I can no longer access recovery).
    5. Clear Storage (Hard Reset)
    6. Reset from within Settings.
    7. Cold booting after leaving battery out.
    8. Innumerable battery pulls.

    Thanks again!

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    NVM. I figured out how to get out of safe mode. Apparently, I didn't hold down the Volume Up button long enough. For those unfortunate enough to experience this issue, here are is the possible reasons why you ended up here and the resolution:
    As near as I can determine, on the N1, the cause is due to water damage to the trackball which causes a continuous short. Basically, the trackball acts as if you are pressing down on it. Pressing on the trackball & menu key while booting initiates Safe Mode.
    1. After making sure your device is 100% dry (try putting it in a bag of rice. Rice is a great dessicant). Press & roll the trackball with an absorbent lint-free cloth (I used a small shamwow). Do this for a few minutes until you are sure you've removed all possible liquid.
    2. Put your battery back in and boot. If it boots to the bootloader and you can't get out, pull the battery and wait for 15 minutes. Put the battery back and you should be able to boot to safe mode.
    3. If you reboot and safe mode comes back up, power down (off) your N1 using the power button then while holding the volume up key, press the power button again. DO NOT LET GO OF THE VOLUME KEY! This is critical. You have to hold the volume up key until the initial X of the bootloader disappears and you get the startup animation. Once the animation appears, you can let go.
    You should now be in regular boot mode. If not, pull the battery, hold Volume up and put the battery in and press the power button. Make sure you keep the volume key pressed.
    YMMV and I believe the above stuff only works on the N1 as I have seen other sequences for other phones posted elsewhere.

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    thanks for the great info ..

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