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Thread: No Sync, No Photos, No Nothing

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    Angry No Sync, No Photos, No Nothing

    I've searched for every keyword I can think of, and can't find an existing solution to this problem, so I'll post this in the hope that someone can point me to the relevant information. I'm using the N1, for which I stupidly signed on with Videotron for 3 long, frustrating years.

    I've long since given up trying to do anything with this phone other than make calls and take pictures, but now I can't even get photos off the phone and onto my computer.

    At Google's suggestion, I changed my account password to make it stronger. I should have realized that the phone is so finicky that that would screw up everything on it. I factory-reset every ten days or so to keep the thing working anyway, which is why I don't even bother downloading apps anymore. I knew it would take a reset to even think about changing my Google password on the phone, so I did that.

    After the latest reset, I signed into Google using my new password. Under Accounts and Sync settings, both Background Data and Auto-Sync are checked. My account is there, and says "Sync is off." When I touch the account, the next screen says "Data and syncronization," and below it is a screen full of black space, with a button at the bottom that says, "Remove account." That's all. No options to set the account to "Sync."

    When I hit the Gmail icon, I get another black screen that says, "This account is not configured to sync automatically. Press Menu, Refresh to sync mail once. Or press Home and touch Settings, Accounts&Sync and configure this account to sync mail automatically."

    When I try Menu, Refresh, nothing happens. The notification bar says, "Waiting for sync," but that just sits there permanently, and would do so until our sun goes super-nova. No process appears to be running. When I try the second suggestion, Settings, Accounts&Sync, I get the previous screen with "Background data and Auto-sync," both of which are still checked. Again, my Google account is there, with the info that "Sync is off." When I touch the account, the next screen is the one with the account at the top, black space underneath, and the "Remove Account" button at the bottom.

    In the Wireless and Networks settings, the phone shows that it's connected to my wifi, and Data Enabled is checked. Luckily (if that term can be used in the context of someone unfortunate enough to being paying $40 a month for a phone that does nothing but make calls) the gallery photos remain after a reset, so I tried to "share" a photo to gmail, but of course I just get the same loop of useless screens that tell me to enable sync but then never reveal an option by which I can do so.

    By the way, there is always an exclamation point in the notification bar that says, "Sign-in error for [my account name]." When I try to sign in, it's always rejected, resulting in layers of the "Try again" button, which just sits there until I shut the thing down.

    I realized long ago that on this "Google" phone, nothing Google is ever going to work. Fine. But since I can't work with my Google account on the thing, is there some way to at least prevent Google from blocking every single function? Is there some way I can get photos off the phone and onto my computer? Even when I connect via USB I can't find a directory called Gallery or Camera. Does anyone know where on the phone the photos taken with the camera are stored? That way I could at least drag and drop the photos. Since the thing is basically a $500 4G hard drive, I'd like to at least be able to use it as that.



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    Since you're on Videotron, the best thing you can do is use the passimg trick to get rid of their tweaked OS. This will not only get rid of their garbage, but should perform a complete system wipe, wich can only help in your case. Use the Restoring to Factory Settings guide here:

    I would also change your Google password from a PC, and use it a number of times before trying to sign in on the phone again...

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