So i was playing frisbee in the rain and i got soaked then remembered my phone was in my pocket. I took it out and checked it and it was okay so I put it back in the (wet) case and put it in a backpack.

When I got home it was no longer on so I threw it in a bowl of rice for a couple of days. When I booted it up again it took a really long time to boot and when it did the touch screen was unresponsive. The screen would turn on when I hit power, but would not respond to touch anywhere. It also had a question mark (?) in the battery meter.

I tried hard rebooting it which didn't work. I then tried taking the phone apart. I detached the ribbon cables then re-attached them. When I booted the phone it worked for an hour, then it froze and when I tried rebooting it again it did the same thing as before.

I went to a repair shop and the woman there barely looked at it and said it would be $135 to fix the digitizer and another $50 for the water damage.

The trackball, power button, and volume buttons still work.

Please advise what I should do