Hi All,

I know this topic has been discussed on this forum previously, but I haven't found any conclusive result for the issue. This thread's probably a bit of a knowledge base as well..

Basically, my Nexus One has started flashing Orange/Green when trying to turn it on using 2 out of 3 of my batteries.

I have the following:
# Battery 1: OEM Standard
# Battery 2: Seidio 3200mah Extended
# Battery 3: Cheap eBay 3000mah Extended

# eBay Charging Dock

Had all these things for a long time, close to a year.

Here is the sequence of events:

1. #2 (Seidio) battery in phone (nearly flat) WORKING FINE, #3 (Ebay) on charging dock
2. Remove Seidio battery from phone and put on dock to charge. Remove ebay battery from dock and plug into phone. Try to turn on and for the first time I see the flashing lights (orange/green)
3. First thought - eBay battery hadn't charged properly. Swapped batteries again (ebay back into charging dock, Seidio back into phone). Booted fine from Seidio.
4. Few hours later swapped batteries again (ebay into phone, seidio into charge). Tried booting, same issue (flashing lights). Took seidio off charge and tried booting with it.. NOW IT STARTED FLASHING TOO. :/
5. Tried OEM battery - worked fine.

Right now it kinda seems like the charging dock has killed the 2 batteries, but I'm not 100% sure that the phone hasn't been damaged as well..

When I plug in either of these 2 batteries into the dock, the charging light on the dock stays green, like it doesnt recognize the battery. After inserting and removing either battery 30 or so times in a row, the charger will recognize it and turn red, but only for a minute or so. First I thought it could mean that the battery is overcharged, but then the seidio battery was flat and had only been on the charger for 10 minutes or so...

There is a temporary fix for this however. Since I'm fortunate enough to have a battery that still works (OEM), if anyone else is in this position, do the following:

In the nexus one, if u connect the phone to the wall charger, turn the phone on and take the battery out when the bootloader symbol displays, it stays on without a battery, take the battery out any other time and the phone shuts off even if its connected to wall power. We can take advantage of this:

1. Insert working battery
2. Plug into Wall charger and wait till orange charging light comes on
3. Turn on phone
4. As soon as the X (bootloader) symbol comes up, quickly remove the working battery and replace it with the one that causes flashing. This has to be extremely quick, less than half a second for it to work properly, replacement battery has to be inserted before the charging orange LED goes off.
5. If done correctly, the orange LED should still remain solid, and phone should boot. Now, if there is juice in this bad battery, u can disconnect the charger cable and the phone WILL stay on. This clearly shows the battery still works (as far as holding charge goes), BUT I noticed that the phone tells you that the battery is at 0% charge.. and the red LED constantly blinks reminding you to charge it.. this could be an indication of a damaged battery reporting wrong levels, or the phone itself...

1. I've noticed today that when you take the battery out and plug the phone into wall charger or usb charger, it does the SAME orange/green flashing thing, IS THIS NORMAL?? Can someone who hasn't had any of these issues with their nexus confirm this please?? If it is, then the phone would appear to be normal and it would be the batteries that have died due to a faulty charger.. if its not normal then the phone may be damaged as well..