I hope some techi's here will have a solution to my problem. I am running a Nexus one, imported when it was first released.. I can't praise it enough, and has been my workmate for the last two years... My problem is the google Navigation app that came pre-installed. This app has been a god send, and always delivers me to the correct destination, but about 3 weeks ago, it started listing my starting off position at a different address from me, at about 1/4 mile difference.. It continually has the "Searching for GPS" displayed, and does not verbally direct me at all.. It does display on the screen the route i am taking, which is no help when you are driving. Ok... So i thought the app is playing up, so delete it and reload it again from Google apps... This doesn't work, as i can't find any way to delete the preloaded app, and when i try to reload another from google, it just tells me i already have the app, and wont send it to me!!! Argggggggggg lol.. any thoughts are most welcome... Chris.