Dear All, Please help me with your suggestions in getting my nexus one back in working condition. here is a long story how i killed it:

My wife got me a nexus one from US last year as our first anniversary gift. i rooted it and installed CM7. everything was working fine till one day the phone accidentally fell from my hands and on to the floor. from then on the screen went blank when ever i answered a call and wont come back up. camera also stopped working. looked on the net and found that its the problem with the flex cable. some one suggested that the flex cable would have come loose and we need to just fix it back in place. with help of a tear down video from youtube, i opened the nexus and tried the suggested steps. when i put all parts back, the display just wont work:russian_roulette:. in this process the power switch also kind of got struck (no play) and now cant use it to boot at all.

i again opened it and tired to put it back, just before i put the bottom piece back, i put the battery in and booted the phone and display came back just fine. but when i put all covers back the display vanished! but the soft buttons and the track ball at the bottom used to glow, the digitizer was also working as i was able to unlock the phone by swiping across the screen and answer the calls.

as nexus one is not officially launched in india, i went to HTC service center who kept it for 2 weeks saying there is display problem. they returned it saying its the main board which has the problem and needs to be replaced @ INR 12k ($270). took it to some local repair guy here in bangalore and he said the HTC service center guys de-soldered some capacitor from main board and he cant fix it as parts are not available.

i tried sending the phone to some repair guys in gaffar market in new delhi with no luck.

as of today the status of the phone is this: the soft botton's wont glow neither does the track ball led. i cant boot the phone but when the USB cable or charger is connected i can see the red LED glowing. Tried the battery technique for booting the phone, but no success!

any pointers to what might be the problem? some hardware issues? if yes then any site to get the replacement parts? Or is it bricked for ever?

i want to some how have this phone back working as its a gift from my wife! Please help!