Moral of the story I should always make sure everything is 100% working before the 14 day exchange period is up.

I'm having a hard time. I love the Plantronics Pro - comfort/quality. My phone is as much a tool for carrying around a bluetooth headset for phone calls as much as it is anything else.

I bought a new one and it was staticy. I bought another new one thinking it was the bad headset. Both paired fine and normal. Audio files streamed fine. The voice audio is jacked up. It appears that the other end can hear me just fine, 90% plus of the time. Seems standard for bluetooth and cell phone calls.

Me hearing them it seems like there is only a 35-50% reliability. The sprint store said it was a known issue. I can't tell from the net research whether this is true or not. Plantronics website acts like they have no idea when talking with there online help. Sprint online is hellish hold.