this is my very first post to this forum. Hopefully I'm posting my question in correct place (please forgive me if not).
since few days, apparently without any reason (no updates installed, no damages to the phone or phone fall to the ground etc) my phone detects my sim card (and also any other sim cards) but doesn't connect to any carrier. It just says GSM network not available. The network indicator on the top bar shows an empty triagle (in CM10).
I've tried to search available carriers from system settings but it gives me an error saying to try again later.
I've tried with different sim cards, same result.
Those sim cards works fine in any other cell phone.

Finally I tried installing other roms like CM10, CM9, wiping the phone, reormatting SD card but nothing changes.
Is there a way to check if that is an hardware failure? (maybe the gsm antenna broken or anything else).
I'm in love with my N1 and before giving up I want to make sure is an harware failure. Of course my warranty is over and I've also voided it by unlocking the boot loader.