Hi group,

I think my darling little smartphone is toast. It was working fine this morning, I went out, and when I got home, I discovered that it didn't want to turn on.

It is an unlocked phone with no mods running on it. It was not rooted.

It was fully charged when I went out. I have had it plugged in for over an hour and the LED is still orange.

I have tried removing and replacing the battery.

I tried calling it to see if that would wake it up.

My computer does not recognize it as a device.

For a while I was simply stuck at the X screen. I tried holding down the volume down button while turning it on and off - that would get me to the X screen a few times. The only time I was able to get to the screen with the skateboarding Androids was when I removed the micro SD card, but when I pressed down to choose an option, the phone shut off again.

Now I can't even get stuck on the X screen. Any ideas? I really love this phone, unlike the newer Samsung models, this one fits perfectly in my hand, so any ideas are appreciated. I have already watched videos and read threads, but nothing seems to help.