Just got a Nexus one. When I got it, the SD card slot was empty and I can't get the phone to recognize a micro SD.

So far, I've used two different micro SD cards, 16G and 32G. Formatted them both with windows fat 32 using Windows 7. Formatted them again with SD Formatter from the SD Association. I can put the cards in an adapter and read/write to a computer with no problem.

I've tried hard factory reset and soft factory reset.

Under Settings --> storage, my "Total space" and "Available space" are listed as unavailable. Pressing the "mount" button produces no action. Plugging in the USB cable throws a dialog on the N1 screen that says "USB connected" and gives me a button to enable USB storage. Pressing the button results in busy indicator that never finishes.

Sure would appreciate any ideas .............

One thought -- would it make any difference that there is no SIM card installed??