Has anyone received their "Replacement" N1 from HTC that was supposed to get one?

This is a discussion on Has anyone received their "Replacement" N1 from HTC that was supposed to get one? within the Nexus One Tech Issues / Bug Reports forums, part of the Nexus One category; Originally Posted by Fuse Just got off the phone with HTC... My wifes N1 was restarting nearly every day. It was sluggish, and the power ...

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Thread: Has anyone received their "Replacement" N1 from HTC that was supposed to get one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuse View Post
    Just got off the phone with HTC... My wifes N1 was restarting nearly every day. It was sluggish, and the power button didn't work right. At one poibnt neither did the volume buttons.

    I decided to get a free replacement. it arrives in teh next few days and then I send the broken one back on their dime. The guy at HTC was very helpful and straight forward. It sucks i have to get a replacement, but at least the process (so far) has been painless.
    Here is how my experience with HTC is going so far. I sent my phone out at 8 am Friday because of dust under the screen and the capacitive display was acting up. It has to go to the repair center in Houston, it arrived at the Houston Fed Ex station at 1:27 AM Saturday and promptly sat there until Tuesday morning at which time HTC received it at around 10 AM. Here are a few emails:
    New Response From [ Greg (North America Support (Repair Inquiry)) ]
    Dear Mr xxxxxxxx,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Unfortunately you will have to contact our Nexus One department as they would have knowledge of your situation. Also if you can provide me a reference number for your repair action i will try and look further into this matter. I placed a call to you and received no answer so i left a voicemail. Please contact htc with that info so i can better assist you.
    HTC Customer Care
    Customer Information
    Name Keith xxxxxxxxx
    Telephone xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Email Address xxxxxxxxxx
    Country United States
    Inquiry Information
    Inquiry Type [$Classified_100$]
    Inquiry Description Hi, My ticket number is: xxxxxxxxxxxx On your site my phone is being listed as a repair for dust under the screen. I told the HTC rep. that there was dust under the screen as well as the touch screen was not working right. There is nothing listed on your site about the capacitive touch screen not working properly. Also as I stated you have it listed as a repair but I was told it would be a replacement. Honestly I do not care if it is repaired or replaced (with a BRAND NEW unit) as long as it works well, On the same token I would like to get the right story, not a different one for each rep I speak to. I was wondering also how long until I get my device back as I have been without a phone since Friday. I was told it would be sent back by over night shipping, I guess I was misinformed there also. Thank you Keith xxxxxxxxx
    Issue Date & Time
    2010/03/04 01:16
    Reply History
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    2010/03/04 00:35 Keith xxxxxxxx The email you sent asked if my concerns were addressed. No they were not! All I was sent was an automated response telling me to call if I have questions. I CANNOT CALL YOU HAVE MY PHONE  
    2010/03/03 23:52 Greg (North America Support (Repair Inquiry)) Dear Mr xxxxxxxx,
    Thank you for contacting HTC!
    We apologize for the issues you are experiencing with your device. Please contact Nexus One at 1-888-216-4736 for information regarding the warranty support for our Nexus One products.
    Thanks for choosing HTC!

    HTC Customer Care  

    I keep getting emailed that they are trying to call me and I keep telling them I don't have a phone they have it! Also they have the status listed as they are repairing my phone but I was told by several reps. they would give me a new one. Funny thing is if I would have let them charge me full price for the phone they would have overnighted me a new one and then reversed the charges a few days after they got my old one. I even asked the HTC rep. about this option and he assured me that if I let them just put a $28 hold on my debit card they would let me ship it back (2nd day air) and as soon as they got it they would overnight me a BRAND NEW UNIT. Well today is Wednesday and I do not believe they have overnighted anything. As soon as my girlfriend gets home I will be on her phone trying to find out how many more days I am without a phone.

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    that sucks they didn't give you the option...I got it today and it obviously doesn't have the issues I'm trading up for. they made it easy to return through fedex with the included label.

    if you have the credit card to throw the retainer on and you need a new phone I'd strongly suggest to push for this option.
    Rooted Nexus One

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    i need to repar my screen where in nyc i can get it done asap

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    I believe that HTC only repairs these devices in Texas. There are no "authorized service centers" for these phones.

    Oh, and WELCOME!

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    well my n1 croaked with the last ota, so i sent it in for repairs. it came back quickly, but immediately upon taking it from the box, other things were wrong with it, and htc offers me another repair, OR a swap.

    i'd like a swap this time. the only option is to give me bank info and pay (again) for this phone while they send me a refurb and i sent my pos back. then it's re-deposited into my bank. BUT i just cant afford to do that. at no point do i have the luxury of having that much money available to wait while this swap happens.

    i think htc should consider another option. i have offered to send my phone to them, once they receive it, they can then send me a refurb. it's not like they're taking any risk or inconvenience doing it that way. in fact the risk and inconvenience are on me.

    i mean really. i already shelled out $579 for this phone.

    and you have to wonder, how did my phone, once "repaired", manage to pass quality control?

    the people are nice, and helpful, but this phone is crap. not all of them, my best friend has one that works perfectly. and i believe they need to make some exceptions sometimes to their policy of returns and swaps.


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    I had a really, really difficult time getting a Nexus one that WORKED properly, from HTC.
    It required about two months of aggravation.

    The first "Google Phone" was a disaster (should have known, seeing how quickly the exited the phone hardware market). My first Nexus One made calls, all on its own, to any contact in my address book after I terminated normal phone calls, and put the phone down. 30% of my contacts are international so this cost money...and my friends started to getting pretty irritated as well.

    I called Nexus one; they put a $630 hold on my credit card "until they received my defective phone back" - and it took them 10 - 12 days to send me a "reconditioned phone" which was worse than my first phone, obviously a used unit (had 40 hours' of use) and it was a complete piece of junk - the soft keys at the bottom of the screen appeared to be de-laminating.

    HTC NEVER notified me when they shipped that first "replacement", and fortunately I was at home when Fed ex showed with it, up about 2 weeks later. If this was an i phone, I would have had a same day replacement, and an apology.

    Now I had a second defective phone that not only made random phone calls, it soon melted down into an emergency boot mode, which I could not get our of.

    I was pretty upset at this point and asked to be put in contact with a "SENIOR QUALITY CONTROL PERSON" at HTC. He was very attentive & responsive, and promised to get me a new phone, that had been tested, and that had no bugs. It took about 10 days (during which time I had to use a borrowed gsm phone) but I finally received a phone that works.
    I won't make the same mistake again.

    For $600+, when I buy my next phone, I'll only buy a phone
    a) where I can get an instant replacement,and
    b) It will be made by a major manufacturer, with a reputation for excellent client support.

    Good luck !!

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    I am from Hong Kong, I am pretty mad about HTC services. I brought my N1 to HTC Repairing Centre for 4 times already. My N1 problem was bad battery, bad signal (it can drop it 0 in no time), Touch screen not sensitive enough. I keep asking for a new replacement but they just keep helping me to replace parts in my poor N1 case I am not sure why they just not giving a new one while everytime the problem still happening. Maybe becoz my case is Engraved, so they can't replace?!?! I really not understand. It made my N1 just like Frankenstein.

    Please join Dropbox here: Register :nexusx:

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