Hi, Al

I have a VPN problem that is strange. Here goes: I have my Nexus One two days ago. It's not rooted and no APK installed on it At that time, the VPN worked very well Then, I unlocked and rooted it. After that, the VPN didn't work. I must wait for a long time after I started to connect, and an error message came out like this: "Can connect to the server". If I use a wrong password, the VPN will tel same username and password on my laptop, but not Nexus One very strange Then I restored the original shipping firmware. It didn't work too. reply of the VPN is the same as above The server is uk.focusvpn.com, and VPN type is PTPP. Encryption I selected encryped and not encrypted, it didn't work on both Now the VPN on my Nexus One is totally broken. Can any good g help me?