Nexus One repair #2

This is a discussion on Nexus One repair #2 within the Nexus One Tech Issues / Bug Reports forums, part of the Nexus One category; sometimes it will go from 3g to EDGE, but i mostly notice it when i'm on will go from 4 bars to NO SERVICE!!...

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Thread: Nexus One repair #2

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    sometimes it will go from 3g to EDGE, but i mostly notice it when i'm on will go from 4 bars to NO SERVICE!!

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    Perhaps thew Desire from HTC is the fix for this one.

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    When I mentioned to HTC that a lot of people on the forums have problems they said these people are not qualified and they are representatives

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    Quote Originally Posted by serialtoon View Post
    So here we go again. After just receiving my phone back from HTC due to the screen issues ive had (its somewhere in this forum). Its time for me to send in my phone yet again for the 3G to Edge signal issues. I slightly hold the phone from the bottom and i lose the call completely. This is absolutely unacceptable. I bought this "phone" to make phone calls, but to hold it like it was a piece of glass that cant be touched cause it might break. Enough is enough. After this repair, im going to demand a refund.

    This is certainly a hardware issue, and it's directly related to the switching between 2g and 3g. If you don't force the phone to 2g and hold it at the base, the signal drops very badly, down to one bar a lot of the time. But if you force 2g, the signal strength is very strong. I don't know what it is, but there's an issue with the phone and having it try to switch networks.

    I have issues with the damn phone not receiving calls and text message problems that seem to temporarily fix themselves by pulling the battery out and putting it back in. You're about to get your third phone and I'll bet it's because they replace your otherwise new phone with a refurb that was sent back already and allegedly fixed. You might have gotten a phone that had a dead pixel and got a replaced screen, but was an old phone with a defective antenna.

    I have to return this POS back to google, if they try to draw it out, I'll just issue a chargeback to my credit card. The item is significantly not as described, nowhere on their site did it mention some of the features included randomly dropping calls, not all calls can be guaranteed or expected to come through, intermittent network switches that mainly switch from High to Low speed and also cause problems with your phone calls, text messages being completely random and unreliable or their lackluster customer service team that has no idea what it's doing. They should outsource to places that know how to handle customer service.

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    Check out page 12 of the manual thats in the box. Is that the problem?

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