Has anyone here purchased their Nexus One with a Visa Gift card? I'm concerned about this but someone at Google says that there is no problem. I've yet to find anyone who has. This is my concern:

It sounds so easy this way but I found the following warning:

If the online retailer requires address verification (AVS) to finalize the charge, a gift card won't provide that to them the same way a credit card will since there is no street address or zip code assigned to the card.

On a site who does a lot of business online, they'll require it (protects both them and consumers from fraud). The website/checkout won't be able to tell you that there is a problem upfront though... it's more of a customer service issue and they will contact you about it.

The gift card will get authorized for the amount, just like any credit card would, but the actual "charge" may not happen since many large web retailers don't charge most orders until items are shipped. At that point the funds on the gift card will be held for a few business days until the pending authorization clears and the issuing bank realizes the retailer never made the final charge. Just a little FYI on how bigger online dealers payment systems work.

Soooooooo.... will Google take a visa gift card for the Nexus One purchase or is this yet another snag for those of us who want to pay outside the whole credit card system?