I love this phone, it is awesome in every way with the exception of two area's.

Phone calls

What is the deal? Do you know how many damn calls I miss and drop? It's really unacceptable. The mic just stops working in the middle of calls, Texts don't come in. Your friends start to think you are ignoring them, so a quick battery pull and reboot brings a bunch of pending texts that were sent days ago.

I have T-mobile, I know it's not their service. I bought this phone, and two of my friends bought this phone. WE ALL have the same problems.

I'm suspicious to think it's a problem with android phones because the mytouch I had missed texts and calls occassionally. But this phone does it quite often.

I called HTC and they said to force it to 2g which appeared to solve my problems, but my friend in texas seemed to experience worse problems when doing that switch. I feel like I bought an overhyped Itouch with calling and texting abilities still in the alpha stages.

So I want to exchange the phones for new ones, although I doubt that would fix the issue. What are the chances that 3 seperate phones sent to different individuals in different time frames all have the same problems. That's 100% of the phones randomly selected from 3 parties that fail in the same area. Google says it's not their phone, but considering the above, it's more likely the SOURCE providing the equipment is the problem and not the end user.

You can't tell me that there is nobody experiencing this!

Here's my question to some of you:

Has anyone exchanged their nexus one phone with google? And if you have, did the problem go away? Or was the phone acting the exact same way it was before you returned the previous one? My guess is that a majority of the people that have returned the phone for an exchange got the same thing back and noticed nothing different. And this restocking fee... I can understand for buyers remorse, but if you are sent an item that is defective why should you pay the re-stocking fee? But for the fact that you were sent an item that doesn't work you wouldn't be returning it and subjecting yourself to that very re-stocking fee. I'm so mad that I have this $580 phone that works perfect in every way except for phone calls and texts.