I went to Seoul a few days ago from Taiwan. Upon arrival the Nexus One thought I was in Jakarta, Indonesia It was like it was lost. Took forever to find its self. Tried using Google Maps and it took me to Jakarta as well. Finally it realized it was in Seoul after manually having to change the weather settings to Seoul. On Auto it was giving me weather for Jakarta. It updated the time automatically to the time in Seoul by advancing the time by 1 hour. I get back to Taiwan today and it could not find the local network. Still thought I was in Seoul and was searching for the SK telecom network in Seoul. Boy this phone can be dumb! After a manual search of networks I added Taiwan Mobile in there and it worked. Though it did not update the time to the local time as it was still giving me the time in Seoul.

Nokia Phones find their ways around quickly. I am surprised that a phone which is supposed to be a smartphone and has GPS gets lost like this. At times I think that they should just recall this phone and get it over with. They are brushing aside the problems just like Toyota did.