Hello guys,
My first post but been lurking the forum for info and tips.

I have been using the Nexus One for about two months now without any real issues. However, after a couple of days of using the phone, the display went all of a sudden black (battery was charged). I thought it had rebooted by itself but it didn't. It was still on but screen was completely black.

I had to take out the battery and reboot the phone. Power button didn't help. Now, this would happen once every week or two weeks. I tried to find a solution on forums/Google support but couldn't find anything.

The phone seemed to have been working properly the last few weeks until today when the phone's display went black again after a phone call. Same procedure...took out battery (was maybe at 80%), put it back in, turned it on. Worked fine for a few mins when I sent a message to a bud on GTalk then black again.

Now, the display remains black. Nothing helps. It seems completely dead even though the phone works. I can call it, answer etc. but just not seeing anything on the display. I have never dropped it, have a protective case and always keep in the pouch when it's in my pocket. It's not scratched nor anything.

I checked on forums for any help. Nobody seems to have had this problem. I called HTC support. They transferred me over to Google Tech Support. We tried the factory hard reset (even though I have tried this already) but display is still black.

So, now HTC is sending me a new (hopefully new and not refurbished) phone. I was just going to let you guys know regarding this issue since nobody seems to know anything about it. Not even the Google Tech Support guy heard of this problem.

Hope next phone will be issue free and nothing happens during the phone swap cause I read people complaining HTC charged them for the full amount and claimed never to have received the phone etc.

Well, let's see if HTC/Google sheds some light on this...