Have you run across the same issues with your N1?

This is a discussion on Have you run across the same issues with your N1? within the Nexus One forums, part of the Google Phones category; I was originally going to replay to a thread where someone asks if they should get the HD2 or N1. I then realized that I ...

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Thread: Have you run across the same issues with your N1?

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    Have you run across the same issues with your N1?

    I was originally going to replay to a thread where someone asks if they should get the HD2 or N1. I then realized that I wanted to ask other users if they've had the same problems, and if so have they found some kind of solution. I love having the N1 but here are some problems with it that haven't been listed here.

    1. The speaker sucks. At first i noticed it and thought it wouldn't matter, but there are several times where i didn't realize i wanted it. For example, I listen to podcasts on my way home occasionally and sometimes they're not done by the time i get home. I want to take off my headphones so i can get settled in, but the speakers on the phone are so strained and crackly it's nearly useless. The bluetooth dock fixes that a bit, but that only work when i'm home. This also means the speaker phone sucks which i use more than i realized. It's not just the fact the volume can't get very loud, the sound quality is just awful and in no way am I a audiophile

    2. The iphone is a better audio player. Not an apple fan, never owned an apple computer, but using the N1 as an mp3 player is not so pleasant. Yeah it works, but poor interface. Again the sound being produced by the N1 (even for headphones) is low. I live in NYC and ride the trains daily and didn't want to have to carry an ipod and cell phone. With the same bose headphones i use on my ipod i have to go to max volume on the N1 and cannot get it to the point where i hear the music despite background noise (not difficult with an ipod though). I'll probably have to buy active noise canceling headphones. Additionally i know you can use other software to play music, but stock music player is just bad and i don't like having a million apps clogging up my system. Which leads me to...

    3. Maybe someone can help me with this, but i feel like my N1 has slowed recently. At first it was razorsharp, but i feel like the inefficiencies in the apps (since they're not regulated) has caused my phone to slow. I only download apps with 4+ stars but it doesn't seem to matter. The first month was flawless and recently i've had random restarts, freezes (especially with the most recent google map updates), and forced closes. I cannot figure out if there is one thing causing this or if it's just what happens. It seems like most people on here are happy with the speed of their phone. Maybe it's just me. It's obviously still good but not like it was fresh out of the box.

    Overall this has still been a great purchase. The Android Market is amazing. Swype is the best thing around and WM, web os, and iphone os don't have it. Directly and fluidly linking to your google account is the best part about the phone. It does nearly everything I want, but there are just some small refinements that don't seem to be quite there yet. Hopefully people can tell me if there are any solutions to these problems (apps that increase the volume limit, what could be slowing it down) or way you've found to cope with it. Do you have the same problems?

    Thanks for your opinions

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    I had a whole essay written but then the page refreshed and now its gone and no time to do it again now -.-
    In short:
    1. Don't max your volume all the time but try to make it reverb off smth instead. It's a small speaker and just sounds alot bettr if you curve your hand around it or smth. No cracking or such on my end..

    2. Yes. iPhone's player is deff better BUT we have alot of music apps available and alot still beind developped aswell, look around and see which one fits you best.
    And as for the volume, no issues with that here either, max volume is way too loud for any situation.. perhaps related to your cracking, might be woth to have thatt checked..

    3. Sounds like you have a rogue app or 2, I use ES task manager to check up on my apps but there are lots of others around. Again, see what you like best.
    I have lots of apps tho, and I means lots (went to check, I have 78 atm, NOT including standard intalled apps like maps etc) and I've never had random restarts and very few fc's. Scrolling through apps or homescreens is also still smooth as ever.
    You can check if an app's gobbling up your cpu by dialing *#*#4636#*#* Battery usage then select CPU usage.

    Hope this helps even a bit.

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