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Hey all,

Ok so I've had my N1 for a few days now and I gotta say, the battery totally sucks. It won't even last me 4 hours throughout the day...

I bought setcpu and power manager and those don't seem to help.

I turned off gps and my brightness is at 50-60% all the time.

I don't use live wallpapers anymore, as much as I'd love to.

This is a total dealbreaker as HTC can't ship any accessories to Canada.

Does anyone have any tips on preserving battery life?

You can get a app called taskill which can kill any active apps running in the background at any given time. This will help your battery life by about 20-30% I use it and it really works great. The app is free at Android Market. Hope this helps..
Actually this is up for debate. Many argue that the android os more than adequately handles apps running in the background to ward off excess battery and memory usage. Google it as there are plenty of articles and forum posts about it. Some even say these task killers have the opposite intended effect.